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Uncommon Words

This video is all about uncommon words. During that time when we shoot that video its really full of joy. It was like Friendship with love and joy. We experience how to act like a real actor. How I wish. What we did is just enjoy while asking those people who don’t know those word and there expressions is priceless they look stupid. Same with us. 😂 They are like a new born child who knows nothing.

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‘Twas when he uttered a prayer

That he claimed to be enlightened

“I’m yours,” he promised 

And conversed with him tête-à-tête
‘Twas when he uttered a prayer

That he pronounced the mysteries of sin

To Him he sold his insatiable soul

For power, for fame
‘Twas when he uttered a prayer

That Lucifer sent his wiles

He denied the supreme deity 

Deceive, he took its name in vain.

The Hidden Beauty of Bayugan 

Bayugan City is a City in the Province of Agusan Del Sur. Our City is classified as a fifth class City according to Philippine Statistics Authority. 

Bayugan City is the Cut-Flower Capital of the province owing to its lucrative cut flower industry. It is also the major producers of rice, corn and vegetables in the province. 

If you’re looking for investments and destination Bayugan City is perfect for it. With its strategic location, typhoon-free climate, stable peace and order, supportive local government unit and community it is really an ideal location. 

It is a great place for church visit because of its impressive churches. Just like Bayugan Sacred heart and San Lorenzo Ruiz. 

Bayugan City is one of the most alluring gateways here. The two reasons which make Bayugan Unique is its people and it’s warm hospitality. It is famous of its glorious foods and a full view and access of landscaped nature. Experience in nature through communing with it’s brozen glory, basking light and breathing in fresh breeze. 

Kahimunan tu Bayugan is the famous festival in Bayugan. It is the most visited tourist attraction. That is known for tourist and locals as well. Upon reaching the City it is a best to take tour Immediately. You can either choose to go first to the farther destination and then slowly going back to your preferred location.

Our place is also famous as a night scene spot of the fountain attraction. The scenic view of the night is really wonderful. Perfect for place to capture. 

It has falls that is perfect for summer vacation. It has a calm cold water. Perfect for family and friends bonding or outing. 
Enjoy an adventure filled vacation here! Relax, unwind and explore Bayugan City. Don’t forget to bring cameras and capture every moment.


“Salitang Kasing Lalim ng Dagat”

Sampung Malalim na Salita:

  • Kalamas- Kaaway (Enemy)
  • Dunggot- Dulo (End)
  • Masukal-Madumi (Dirty)
  • Alibadbad-Pagsusuka (vomiting)
  • Atungal-sigaw (Scream,Shout)
  • Anluwage-Karpentero (Carpenter)
  • Miktinig– Mikropono (Microphone)
  • Pantablay– Charger
  • Pang-ulong Hatinig– Headset 
  • Takipsilim– Dapit Hapon (Twilight)



                Kahit KALAMAS mo siya, dapat ay mahalin mo rin.


               Sa DUNGGOT  ay matatagpuan ang pinakamagandang bulaklak.


                Maglinis tayo dahil masyado ng  MASUKAL baka magkasakit tayo.


               Atungal ka ng atungal parang ang layo ng kausap mo!


              Bes, Bakit ka nag alibadbad? Buntis kasiguro no?


              Anluwage ang hanap buhay ng ama ko.


            Ang hina ng boses mo, gumamit ka kaya ng  Miktinig?


           May  Pantablay ka ba? Palowbat na kasi ang baterya ng phone ko.

Pang-ulong hatinig

           Sa pagiging tangan ko. Yan tuloy nasira ang Pang-ulong hatinig ko.


           Ang sarap pagmasdan ng takipsilim sa dalampasigan.

“Point of View”

In the view of many who accept the theory of evolution, life will always be made up of intense competition,with strife,hatred , wars and even death. A prominent scientist stated; “We may have only another few decades until Dooms day.. The development of nuclear weapons and their delivery system will, sooner or later, lead to global disaster”. Even if this not happen soon, many believe that when a person’s life span runs out in death he is then nonexistent forever. Others feel that, in the future, all life on earth will end. They theorize that the sun will expand into a red giant star, and as it does, “the oceans will boil, the atmosphere will evaporate away to space and a catastrophe of the most immense proportions imaginable will overtake our planet.”

Recoiling from these conclusion are the scientific creationists. But their interpretation of the Genesis creation account has lead them to claim that the earth is only 6,000 years old and that the six days allowed in Genesis for creation were each only 24 hours long. But does such an idea accurately represent what the Bible is saying ? Was the earth, and all its life forms, created in just six literal days? Or is there a reasonable alternative?

In considering questions related to the origin of life, popular opinion or emotion sway many . To avoid this and to reach accurate conclusions, we need to consider the evidence with an open mind. It is interesting to note , too, that even evolutions best known advocate, CHARLES DARWIN,   indicated an awareness of his theory’s limitations. In his conclusion to The Origin of Species, he wrote the grandeur of the “view of life, with its several powers , having been originally breathed by the creator into a few forms or into one. Thus making evident that the subject of origins was open to further examination.


Life-How Did It Start?

Life is everyone around us. It is evident in the humming of insects, the singing of birds, The rustlings of small animals in the underbrush. Beneath our feet untold trillions of microorganisms are a work in the soil, making it fertile for growing of green plants, which sustain other forms of life.

Earth is packed with life so abundant and varied as stagger the imagination. How did it all start? This planet of ours and all its inhabitants- how did they come to be here ? More particularly, how did humankind get started ? Did we evolve from apelike animals? Or we’re we created? Just how did we get here? And what does the answer imply for the future? Questions like these have been around for a long time and they are still unanswered in the minds of many. Perhaps you feel that these questions do not really affect you. You may think: ‘It doesn’t matter how I got here-Im here. And I’ll probably live for 60,70 or maybe 80 years. Who knows ? But whether we are created or we evolve, it change nothing for now. In contrary, it could change a great deal, how long we live , How so? Because our entire attitude toward life and the future is influenced by our viewpoint on the origin of life. And how life came to be here will definitely affect the future course of history and our place in it.

The Uniqueness of Earth


What makes Earth unique? 

Our planet earth is one of the smaller planets of the solar system. The Earth is much closer to a perfect sphere. The Earth is probably also unique in the amount of water it possesses. One of the characteristic of the earth that makes it stand out among other planets is its weight.Earth is one special planet.It has liquid water, plate tectonics, and an atmosphere that shelters it from the worst of the sun’s rays. But many scientists agree our planet’s most special feature might just be us.

Earth is one special planet.

It has liquid water, plate tectonics, and an atmosphere that shelters it from the worst of the sun’s rays. But many scientists agree our planet’s most special feature might just be us.

The Earth is the only planet circling our sun on which life as we know it could (and does) exist. A brief glance at the Earth and all other known planets finds many startling contrasts. The Earth as a planet consists mostly of iron, oxygen, sulfur, silicon, magnesium, and nickel (total, 98%), with the other two percent consisting of about a hundred other elements. Like no other planet, ours is covered with green vegetation, blue-green seas, streams, rivers, mountains, and deserts which produce a spectacular variety of color and texture—all other known planets are covered with lifeless soil which varies only according to slight movements made by wind or mild air currents. Completely barren, the surface of most planets is totally in contrast to the Earth’s with its blue lakes, green oceans, huge land masses and 500,000 islands. Even from a distance, its colors are quite lively—bright greens, blues and whites—whereas the surface of all other known planets are rather dull.

Some type of life is found in every niche on the Earth. Even in the extremely cold Antarctica, hardy microscopic beings exist in ponds, tiny wingless insects live in patches of moss and lichen, and even two types of plants flower yearly. From the top of the atmosphere to the bottom of the oceans, from the coldest part of the poles to the warmest part of the equator, life persists here. To this day no sign of life has been found on any other planet.

The Earth is immense—8,000 miles in diameter and weighing roughly 6.6 x 1021 tons. If the Earth traveled much faster in its 292-million-mile-long orbit around the sun, centrifugal force would pull it away from the sun, and if too far, all life would cease to exist. If it traveled slightly slower, the Earth would move closer to the sun, and if it moved too close, all life would likewise perish. The Earth’s 365 day, 5-hour, 48-minute and 45.51-second-round-trip is accurate to a thousandth of a second! If the yearly average temperature on Earth rose or fell only a few degrees, most life on it would soon roast or freeze. This change would upset the water-ice and other balances, with disastrous results. If it rotated on its axis slower, all life would die in time, either by freezing at night because of lack of heat from the sun, or by burning during the day from too much sun.As far as science “knows,” the planet earth is unique in the entire universe.  Certainly this is true in our own solar system. Nothing that we have observed leads us to believe that there is any other planet like earth.


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I choose this social media because its simple but better. Also it is very convenient, you can use computers,Tablets and even in your phone you can.  Where ever you go you can use it.

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